bwsmx gallery

BWSMX was established in Mexico City in the summer of 2017 as an office for collaborative projects in contemporary art. In addition to its program of exhibitions, performances, and publications, the office also produces the monthly Sábado de Galerías (Gallery Saturday) in Mexico City and initiated Ruberta in Los Angeles. Its founder, Brett William Schultz, is the Creative Director of Material Art Fair and was formerly co-director of the gallery Yautepec from 2008 to 2017.


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Located in the epicenter of the 1980's underground cultures including visual arts, performing arts, performance, literature, rock. In 1980 it explored barter as a cultural economy. The building became a landmark in the imaginary of urban space . Now part of the National Autonomous University Museum system, it serves as a pivotal point for the North, South, East and West of the metropolis, maintaining a healthy bond between social classes, generations, cultural scenes, and different areas of the city.

exhibition: Monumentos, anti-monumentos y nueva escultura pública | curated by: Pablo León de la Barra

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enrique guerrero GALERÍA

Enrique Guerrero Gallery was founded in 1997 after a decade of intense collaboration between cultural institutions. Today the gallery represents a group of young artists who form part of the emerging scene, with a contemporary vision and self-sustaining proposals exploring all of the disciplines that currently comprise the visual arts: painting, sculpture,
photography, video, installation, digital media. Enrique Guerrero provides them with a free space in which they can exhibit their artistic creation and also spread their work at national and international level. Although its vocation is contemporary art, it permanently supports and diffuses the great masters of Latin American art as José Clemente Orozco, Francisco Zúñiga, Francisco Toledo, Julio Galán, among others.

exhibition: un volumen más un volumen, no son dos; es uno más grande | Miguel angel madrigal


kurimanzutto galeria

Mónica Manzutto, José Kuri and Gabriel Orozco first conceived kurimanzutto in New York in the late 1990s. They imagined a gallery that could exist nomadically, without establishing a permanent exhibition space. Orozco proposed the idea to Mónica and José, pointing out the lack of institutional backing for the up-and-coming generation of young Mexican artists and lack of galleries in Mexico dedicated to contemporary art. It seemed clear that a support structure was needed which would allow these emerging artists to establish their careers within Mexico as well as abroad.

exhibition: all of a tremble | Anri Sala

parque GALERÍA


PARQUE Galería opened its doors in September 2015, with the aim of offering a new proposal in the contemporary art scene in Mexico City, where, unlike other spaces, it proposed to represent exclusively national and foreign artists whose work describes the contemporary political-social context, by revealing oppressive structures of power that often are not recognized as such. PARQUE has been named after one of the meanings of the word that refers to the place where military artillery is kept; so that the discourse that is enunciated within the space also serves as a weapon of denunciation.

Exhibition: oh What a Time| Allen rupPersburg