From our Clients

Honestly…I could write a novel about how great working with Leslie and Tanya was..1. The first best thing about hanging with Leslie and Tanya was that we didn't have to think about what we were going to do in CDMX at all before we went. Usually, I spend hours planning trips and trying to find the cool things to do in each city, but you never know if certain things are REALLY going to be worth it, because the internet doesn't know your personality, only you do. With AA, they asked us valuable questions that helped shape our experience from the get-go. 2. Not thinking/worrying about stuff is cool, but on top of that, everything we did with them was an excellent experience. To stopping in awesome coffee shops, sharing a meal at the best restaurants in CDMX, to hanging in art studios one on one with artists and having full and direct access to the source, it was all unbelievable. 3. We always felt safe, comfortable, and happy. It's easy to feel lost in the biggest city in the world where you don't speak the native language very well, and have a tough time understanding the culture and everything that is happening around you, but with Leslie and Tanya, they make it all very easy and convenient for you. If you are looking to experience the real CDMX and do it with two phenomenal guides (and friends- now), then you need to spend time with AtravesArte cc: Tanya and Leslie. They make the good, great, the best, better. And now we have new friends for life. -Kevin, honeymoon trip, San Francisco

Really well thought out and executed. Tanya and Leslie balanced keeping the trains running on time and giving us the flexibility to enjoy ourselves. The curation of the trip was first-class and although the agenda was ambitious and dense, we rarely felt as though we wanted to skip any part of it. Clearly, none of this would have been possible without their deep connections in the art world in Mexico City and the trust and respect that everyone has in them including artists, collectors and gallerists. As a seasoned and somewhat particular traveler, I can truly say that this was one I will remember fondly. - Ben, Fountainhead Residency Board, Miami

Leslie and Tanya planned an amazing day of studio tours and artist visits. Each artist was unique in both context and media - which made for a very engaging and fun day. The logistics were flawless. We couldn't have asked for a better day in Mexico City and would 100% use AtravesArte again. - Alex, new art collector, Ohio

Coming to Mexico City for the first time was an intimidating prospect. Not only were we attending a large international art fair, but in one of the largest cities in the Hemisphere....and I didn't speak Spanish. Leslie and Tanya made sure it was one of the best trips I've ever had in my life. There are three reasons for this: Local Knowledge, Local Access, and Bad-assitude. They set the bar so high for what a local guide/fixer should accomplish, I fear it will never be met again. The end result was an incredible experience that propelled me into the world of Modern Art and made me fall in love with Mexico City. I met incredible local artists, sang with mariachi's until I cried and truly saw another side of one of the most dynamic cities in the word. I cannot wait to go back and cannot encourage my friends enough to use their service! - Marcus, Austin

Your attention to the scope and depth of the contours of contemporary art in Mexico City was deeply enriching and demystifying. I was especially impressed with how personal your approach was, to both the city and its artists. It was unique to many other studio visits I have experienced in this regard and ultimately made the whole week special! - Anonymous, University Graduate Student

We traveled to Mexico City to experience both the city and the art fairs with AtravesArte. It was truly one of the best trips we have ever taken. Leslie and Tanya had thought of and taken care of everything. Through them we were able to meet multiple artists and see their studios, which gave an insight into the artists’ practice unlike anything you can get from just seeing their work. We were able to see and experience parts of the Mexico City that perhaps we would have never even known to go because of their thoughtful planning. One of the biggest highlights was singing with the mariachis at Garibaldi Square – an experience like none other! It is impossible to recommend AtravesArte enough. Leslie and Tanya will make you feel right at home…the home of a VIP. - Art Collector

I just had coffee with Kristen. She glowed when she shared the experiences around the city you facilitated for her and her family. It was so wonderful to be able to hear a first-hand story like hers.  You two are really wonderful! - Art Collector, referral

I have been thinking about you every day since I returned. Thank you so much for the best experience ever! So much to process. Life changing for me anyway. I can’t express enough appreciation I am in love. Want to cry thinking about it all. So good you are together doing this. My former students and friends want to go. Must be a way to continue spreading this fabulous knowledge. - Board member, University Art Museum