MiniView with Janet 40

Janet40 is a collective committed to working with artists who have internet-based concerns with their work. At least, that’s the best way I can explain it, because Janet40 is best experienced rather than explained. But what we can say is that their interests in the IRL and URL are headscratchingly cool, their collaborations are unforgettable, the final objects unimaginably impressive, and so are the two minds behind Janet40: Paty Siller and Luis Nava.

Both these cool kids gave us their MiniView here, and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted.

AArte: What do you consider to be your job title?

Luis Nava: Even when we are both responsible for the same things, I guess I spend more time thinking about "concepts" so, Creative Director sounds nice.

 Paty Siller: Nava's the one who welcomes the creative muse and I'm the one who kicks her out after a while and tries to make things happen. Of course, I'm involved in the conceptualization process as well, just as Nava is in the production aspect, but I guess that's roughly how we divide our time within Janet40. If I had to come up with a name for what I do, it would be Production Director. 

AArte: Where do you live and where are you from originally?

LN: Mexico City, born and raised. Living in Centro Histórico since 2014.

PS: I'm from Saltillo, Coahuila. A city in the north of Mexico. I have been living in CDMX for about 6 years now.  

AArte: What brought you to Mexico or why have you stayed in Mexico (If you are from here)

LN: The constant challenge of improving yourself and your community, despite being ruled by demons in grey suits. Don't be an asshole, pick up your dog's shit and organize better exhibitions, at least.

PS: I once had a plan of only living in Mexico City for about three years, and then leave to do a master's somewhere else, but I've been here for six. Anyone that has spent time here knows that the city has a way of convincing you to stay for a little longer, maybe it's the fact that a lot of people like myself find a sense of community and opportunities that I don't think would be available in another big metropolis. 

AArte: How does Mexico influence your work?
LN: If Mexico City teaches you something is that you👏have👏to👏be👏resourceful👏. You are literally walking on water. Nothing is forever, learn how to swim.

PS: What he said ⏏  Also, I think working with Mexican artists is what we tend to do best, we like having the same types of pop-culture references. 

AArte: What other artists/happenings/movements are you interested in right now?

LN: Blockchain art jokes like Cryptokitties, mixed reality projects that really incorporate the physical exhibition space into their magic and the use of technology for civil disobedience.

PS: I'm excited about Deslave in Tijuana, the artist Julieta Gil, about the space Llorar, about Doreen Ríos' projects, about this particular video: Also, super excited about the next season of Broad City. 

AArte: What are you reading?

LN: I can't finish any of the books I've bought since 2013, so I'm sticking with a Batman comic from 1990 (pdf format) and movie reviews. I "read" Instagram a lot.

PS: I can’t really focus enough anymore to do heavy reading, but I've been researching about Nickelodeon's green slime. I also work for an art fair and have been reading tons of galleries' applications 👀 

AArte: Who or what is your favorite thing about the city right now?
LN: Artist-run spaces with actual work ethic, gay bars selling beer for 15 pesos and not going to techno parties after clicking "going" on Facebook.

PS: Korean food, Asian supermarkets, pretty dogs everywhere you look, queer culture, a killer quesadilla stand I just recently discovered. 

AArte: What do you have forthcoming that you’re really excited about?  

LN: Janet40's first mission outside Mexico: we are going to UP/MoHa in Austin. Also very excited about the texture we are going to apply to the walls of our booth at a certain art fair.

PS: Of course our upcoming residency at UP MoHA! we're also doing an exhibition at Llorar at the end of this month, it's gonna be like a techno church and it's happening on Halloween. 

AArte: How has AArte contributed to your work or connectivity?

LN and PS:  We got the residency in part thanks to AArte's recommendation, and going to Austin is arguably the most important step for Janet40 since we started working together. Being part of a new scene will allow us to rethink what we do and how we are doing it. We're actually more excited to come back here after MoHa just to see what's next.

Tanya Diaz