MiniView with Laura Resendiz: Cultural Arbitrator and Artist

Our friend Laura Resendiz does a good job of keeping busy. Over the years she has moved away from working solely in the commercial world and has begun to build partnerships and collaborations that extend beyond our traditional art scene. She nurtures her relationships in the same way she has been nurturing her own artistic practice, and she always does it with a smile that brightens every room.

Laura gave us the chance to catch up briefly and tell us a little bit about her right now.

Laura Resendiz.jpg

AArte: What do you consider your job title to be?

Laura Resendiz: Art Lover

AArte: Where do you live and where are you from originally?

AArte: Why have you stayed in Mexico City?

LR: Mexico needs active participation for positive change

AArte: What other artists/happenings are you interested in right now?

LR: The Green Belt Movement

AArte: What are you reading?

LR: Los Perros Duros no Bailan, by Arturo Pérez-Reverte and The Theory of Everything by Stephen Hawking

AArte: What do you have forthcoming that you’re really excited about?

LR: CICLO’s first gallery exhibition:Obsee Eruption: Sculptures from the Spirit World by Mateusz Wiewiorowski, coordinating the cultural program for the traditional Feria de Maguey at Atltzayanca, Tlaxcala with the H. Ayuntamiento de Cultura and artists Martín Durazo, Dulce Pinzón and Ricardo Sierra among others. And finally a performance with Ron Athey in the summer.

AArte: How has AtravesArte contributed to your work or connectivity?

LR: AtravesArte always gives me a complete update of the best happenings in Mexico’s contemporary art world and I get to meet exciting people on the annual chupebus;)

Sculptures from the Spirit World runs through July 21 at Bucareli 92, Colonia Juarez, CDMX

Tanya Diaz