How do you want to experience Mexico’s contemporary art?

Custom Art Experiences

Become immersed in the rich art scene of Mexico City through a personally crafted experience tailored to your interests and style. We engage and inspire you to authentically connect with artists, gallerists and curators while showing you the best neighborhoods, galleries and art spaces in Mexico City. We give you an entry point to the art world ecosystem and set the stage so you can easily soak up the culture, cuisine and urban energy of Mexico City.

Designed for creatives, art professionals, art collectors and curious minds. We provide full-service, all-inclusive services for individuals or groups. Multi-day trips ( 4-7 days) are recommended. We build itineraries to include boutique or luxury lodging, top restaurants, private tastings and nightlife within your budget.

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Art Fair Insider

During the first week of February, the international art world descends on Mexico City. Join us as we delve into the best of Zona Maco and Material art fairs along with the most intriguing pop-ups and exhibitions. With over a decade on the ground, we leverage our deep local knowledge and professional relationships to create real connections for future collaborations. Let us guide you through the excitement of fair activities. We are excellent at handling the details and work behind the scenes to navigate the city, manage logistical concerns and think through program flow so you can focus on your goals while seamlessly enjoy your group experience. We creatively immerse you in the culture, cuisine and urban energy that is Mexico City.

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A Day With a Specialist

Looking for more than contemporary art? Muralism, architecture, archaeology, neighborhood histories? Whether you want to expand what we cover or schedule a separate day, we work with trusted local experts who can delve deep into your interest area. Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll find an expert just for you.

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Art Education Programs

Enrich what happens in the classroom customized to your course curriculum. We work with University faculty and residency programs to match artists, spaces and institutions that meet your learning goals. We find that connecting students to this dynamic international art community opens minds, expands horizons, and creates authentic long term relationships and future collaborations. Consider the details handled. Whether it's a week-long seminar or semester study abroad program, we seamlessly take care of behind the scenes logistics, hosting, and programming within your budget and time-frame.

Designed for faculty-hosted graduate level or undergraduate student groups. We craft education-based learning trips and study abroad programs with while providing behind the scenes logistics.

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Program Consulting & Art Advising

Building and maintaining a collection of art is both exciting and intimidating. We help you make real connections with artists while working with your special interests. Whether based on medium, dependent on budget, or whether you’ve got years of collecting under your belt or just getting started, we can help guide, connect, and make the process as intimate and special as working with an artist is. 

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Destination Events & Travel Consulting

Celebrating a destination birthday, wedding or anniversary event? Organizing a corporate or press trip? Let us be your on-the-ground gurus to make it happen. We work with our trusted taste-makers and providers to create seamless, multi-day events of a lifetime in Mexico City and even other parts of the country. We have created unforgettable experiences such as a day floating down the canals of Xochimilco, live performances, private dinners in unexpected places, even jumping on a plane to Oaxaca to taste mezcal in a maguey field. You imagine it and we can make it happen.

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