It is truly our honor to connect our clients with the vibrant contemporary art community in Mexico City. Whether we are together only a couple of days, a full week, or more, we strive to exceed expectations by building real connections and highlighting our favorite parts of the city in the most authentic way possible.

LOVE, LOVE LOVED IT!!! Can’t wait to go back! It allowed me to explore the city, meet new people, see where different artist work and feel the pulse of the Mexico City art community. –Museum Donor, Collector
Thank you so very, very much much for what really was the most amazing art experience I have ever had—it was in fact transformative on some level which I have yet to be able to process completely, but it fully re-kindled my desire to delve further into the study of South and Latin American’s powerful use of art as a means of political expression.-University Art Professional and Collector
Your attention to the scope and depth of the contours of contemporary art in Mexico City was deeply enriching and demystifying. I was especially impressed with how personal your approach was, to both the city and its artists. It was unique to many other studio visits I have experienced in this regard and ultimately made the whole week special. I was also amazed at how well time was budgeted and at how much we were able to accomplish on any given day.  -University graduate student
Every aspect of the trip was carefully planned and unrolled in a very seamless way. I couldn’t have asked for more. Really, the job AtravesArte did for my group was amazing –Museum Director
I found our visit/excursion to Mexico City to incredibly inspiring and eye opening. I think I mentioned this several times during the trip, but one of the aspects that really felt crucial to me was being able to intimately see and interact with artists at such different points in their careers, whether emerging or established. The language and dialogue that each artist used to describe their work and where they were at creatively/spiritually/emotionally was great to witness. Oftentimes when engaging with art and artists online, one loses a bit the quotidian reality of what it’s like to actually be an artist year in year out, all of the small components and aspects that drive the work forward. -University graduate student
This trip was great – I can’t thank you enough for the creative energies you brought to the itinerary.  It was a rich experience on all sorts of levels…The art being created is really strong and visiting with these artists was a special experience.–Collector, Museum Trustee
The trip left me with much to think about. It was exciting, invigorating, lively etc. – It was nothing short of remarkable – in every respect. You rock!  -Artist, Professor and Art Collector
I loved the way we had room to add in other artists and friends to come along. We had fun conversations processing our experiences. It was so great, I miss it when I think about it now!–University Museum Donor
Besides feeling like we had an inside track to the art currently being produced, it was so unexpected to have a superb food tour, thanks so much to Sabores Mexico! –Artist and Museum Board Member
I have been thinking about you every day since I returned. Thank you so much for the best experience ever! So much to process. Life changing for me anyway. I can’t express enough appreciation I am in love. Want to cry thinking about it all. So good you are together doing this. My former students and friends want to go. Must be a way to continue spreading this fabulous knowledge. Thank you so much Leslie Tanya and I must include Jorge –Retired Art Teacher, Artist and Museum Supporter