I can not thank you enough for the insight, generosity, knowledge and deep care that you showed us in Mexico. It was an incredible experience for all of us. What can I say? You guys rock! Gracias con todo mi corazón

/  University art professor /


AtravesArte creates unforgettable experiences of a lifetime


The art experience you kindly gave me will truly remain one of the most memorable days of my life. I hope to visit another time in the near future. I'm so delighted to know ArtavesArte.

/  International art collector  /






Your attention to the scope and depth of the contours of contemporary art in Mexico City was deeply enriching and demystifying. I was especially impressed with how personal your approach was, to both the city and its artists. It was unique to many other studio visits I have experienced in this regard and ultimately made the whole week special!

/university graduate student/


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I have been thinking about you every day since I returned. Thank you so much for the best experience ever! So much to process. Life changing for me anyway. I can’t express enough appreciation I am in love. Want to cry thinking about it all. So good you are together doing this. My former students and friends want to go. Must be a way to continue spreading this fabulous knowledge.

/  museum trustee  /







I just had coffee with Kristen. She glowed when she shared the experiences around the city you facilitated for her and her family. It was so wonderful to be able to hear a first-hand story like hers.  You two are really wonderful!

/collector referral/