Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in the Zocalo Square, the heart of Mexico City. The sun reflects on the dark volcanic rock and cobblestone beneath your feet, drawing attention to the vibration of the city under you. The sweet smell of the copal wafts in the background, faint, distant, and particular to that one spot. The sounds of the drums becomes more prominent, and pronounced and your own heartbeat begins to beat in tandem with what feels like a pulse resonating from the epicenter of the earth. Drums grow louder, mixing with sounds of the dancers giving thanks and offerings to the gods as they did centuries ago. Open your eyes, and see their feathered headdresses whipping back and forth as they turn and turn, each time returning back to face the cardinal North. Here in this spot, you are surrounded by centuries of history. On one side, the National Palace, the National Cathedral on the other, and between the two, the ruins of an ancient city on which this megalopolis was born. This is our foundation, our home, the beginning and end of every story - the convergence of history and the contemporary, where centuries collide and exist in tandem, one defining the other.

Here, art exists in synchronicity with history and culture, and contemporary art practice is not just about what is being made in the moment, but about being in this place. Here we do not make tours, we create experiences, and we craft unforgettable memories.

Our Story

We are long time friends who have an ongoing love affair with Mexico City, and are committed to projecting this love into our business. Between us, we have called the city home for more than two decades, becoming masters of unparalleled adventures for visiting friends and colleagues. We realized an opportunity to put our expertise into practice, sharing our knowledge of the exciting contemporary art scene through a one-of-a-kind boutique agency, merging our interests to build AtravesARTE.

Meet the Team

Leslie Moody Castro | Independent Curator and Founding Partner, image courtesy Phil Kline

Leslie Moody Castro | Independent Curator and Founding Partner, image courtesy Phil Kline

Leslie is an independent curator and writer living and working in both Mexico and Texas. She leverages her 15 years of experience and relationships to create dynamic programming for AtravesARTE. She is committed to creating moments of artistic exchange and dialogue through her own practice, and her work with AtravesARTE is also a reflection of that. She has organized and collaborated on exhibitions at Artpace San Antonio, for the Contemporary Art Month, San Antonio, Texas State University, CentralTrak Dallas, and Co-Lab Projects and recently cofounded Unlisted Projects, an artist residency program in Austin, Texas. Leslie has been awarded two grants from the National Endowment of the Arts for her curatorial efforts with the Texas Biennial in 2017, and Placeholder at the University of Texas at Austin in 2016. She is a regular contributor to Artforum, Flash Art International, Frieze Magazine, ArtNews, and Artcritical. She holds a Master's degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Museum Education with a portfolio in Museum Studies, and completed her Bachelor's degree in Art History at DePaul University in Chicago in 2004. 


Tanya Diaz | Operations Director and Founding Partner

Tanya is obsessed with the details. She brings her passion for sharing the beauty, culture and chaos of Mexico City to create seamless experiences for our discerning clients. A California native and UC Berkeley alumna, she has lived in Mexico for over 14 years. Tanya consults in communications, development and donor education in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector, producing national and international conferences and destination events. Fascinated by the intersection of history, migration and cuisine, she is on a continuous quest to find the best Mexico has in street food, gourmet restaurants and artisanal mezcal, tequila, beer and wine. Always up on the trends of the city, she includes the culture, cuisine and special moments for our client experiences while handling behind the scenes details and on-the-ground logistics.

Cultural inquiry. Curious minds. Contemporary Art. Connectivity.

AtravesARTE is a values-driven, education-based business devoted to making an impact and creating moments of real connectivity.

OUR MISSION | AtravesARTE provides an unparalleled travel experience while showcasing and promoting the cultural value of contemporary art in Mexico. 

OUR VISION | We envision a unique service to immerse our clients in the contemporary art and urban culture of Mexico from an insider's perspective. We strive to be the leading providers in the region founded on trust, integrity, respect and strong relationships.

OUR VALUES | AtravesARTE's values guide us through our communities, our city, our country and the world. 

Client Driven: We are committed to the highest standard in customer service, hospitality and good times. | We go out of our way to be sensitive to our clients' needs, travel styles and expectations. | We believe in creating an authentic experience rather than a contrived one

Art Focused: We support artists and stand firm in our commitment to showcasing both established and emerging talent. | We are committed to showcasing all types of media. |We never take commissions for purchases.

Responsible Leadership: We are committed to collaboration, embracing the development of strong relationships. | We value developing a stellar reputation among galleries, artists, curators, vendors and visitors. | We recognize we are part of a larger local, national and international art community.| We support community-based, sustainable, green, socially responsible partners when possible. | We are committed to giving back to artists and the community with a percentage of profits.


Atravesar: To Traverse, Pierce, Breakthrough to the other side